What baby needs

Babies have very basic, yet specific needs that are best met by the simplest means.  Unfortunately, today’s society is technologically-driven and fast-moving. Parents are easily caught up in the quest for convenience, the trendiest new baby device, or the hippest parenting advice.

Babies need warm arms to hold them.

Babies need warm arms to hold them.

Your baby needs your warm, comforting touch. He needs to hear your voice to learn language and see your face to learn emotion. She needs for you to respond to her cries and coos to learn trust and how to communicate. He needs you to stay close and pay attention to give him confidence and to keep him safe. Your baby needs you. Not a stimulating mobile to stare up at from a lonely crib. Not a plastic control center with 20 activity stations. Not a bucket seat that takes them from house to car to store and back without ever being unbuckled. Not even a Super Baby Genius video that teaches them Greek.

Quite often, we are the ones attracted to the bright lights, busy colors, and happy music of all the baby contraptions and we think that they will make our baby happier, smarter, safer, sleep better, etc. Or that they will make things easier, more convenient for us. But, truth be told, they probably just make the big companies richer, make our homes seem smaller, and weaken the bond between parent and child. Don’t misunderstand, some of them are useful in moderation, but it’s very easy to let those plastic things get too much quality time with your little one. Nothing can replace you. If you were stranded on a desert island with your baby and there wasn’t a toy in sight, your child wouldn’t miss them because you are his “favorite thing”.


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