Wear your baby and other advice

While shopping tonight, I shared an aisle with a couple that appeared to be shopping for baby stuff. So, of course, being the sociable person that I am (read: introvert turned extrovert when it comes to talking about things I’m passionate about, like babies, homeschooling, etc.), I struck up a conversation with them. They are expecting their adopted daughter to be born next month and were getting ideas. Needless to say, I did what any experienced mom of four would do…I gave them advice. I’m sure that they have had no shortage of advice, but maybe mine was different than the rest.

My first recommendation was to get a baby sling and wear that baby. The man asked if they should get one like on the shelf nearby and I quickly said no, that they are mass-produced and the manufacturer seems to think that parents have to have all kinds of buckles to carry a baby safely. They also are not the most comfortable and the baby grows out of them too soon. I mentioned briefly a few of the benefits of babywearing such as content babies, babies who sleep through shopping trips, bonding, especially with adopted babies, and social development. I also said that riding in a baby sling was better for baby than hanging around in a bucket-style car seat and that they could save money by skipping the bucket altogether.

Even celebrities wear their babies.

Even celebrities wear their babies.

That turned the conversation to car seats, so I walked them over to that aisle and told them about the highly rated, infant-to-toddler Britax Marathon, which we have. Yes, it costs more, but I think it is worth it since you only buy one seat instead of two or three by the time they are four years old. It claims to hold a child up to 65 lbs, but in reality, by the time your child reaches four, they probably won’t want to sit in the “baby seat” anymore. That is just my opinion, of course.

Levi has the safest place in the van.

Levi has the safest place in the van.

After that, my introverted nature compelled me to apologize for being so forward as to offer advice to strangers, but they were appreciative and said they were tempted to put me to work making their wish list. I smiled politely and waved goodbye because if I hung around, I would probably end up telling them about chlorine-free diapers, making their own organic baby food, soft-soled shoes, co-sleeping, homeschooling….


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